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A test, in a simple terms, is a method of measuring a person’s ability, knowledge, or performance in a given domain

A test is first a method.These method must be explicit and structured: multiple- choice questions with prescribed correct answers; a writing prompt with a scoring rubric; an oral interview based on a question script and a checklish of expected responses to be filled in by the administration.

Second, a test must measure. Some tests measure general ability, while others focus on very specific competencies or objektives. Next, a test measures an individual’s ability, knowledge, or peerformance.


Assessment is an ongoing process that encompasses a much wider domain. Test, then, are a subset of assessment.

Informal and Formal Assessment

Informal assessment  can take a number of forms, starting with incidentel, unplanned comments and  responses, along with coaching and other impromptu feedback to the student.

Formal assessments are exercises or procedures specifically designed to tap into a storehouse of skills and knowledge.

Formatif dan Summatif assessment

Formative assessment: evaluating students in the process of “forming” their competencies and skills with the goal of helping them to continue that growth process.

Summative assessment aims to measure, or summurize, what a student has grapsed, and typically occurs at the end of a crouse or unit of instruction.

Norm-Referenced and Criterion-Referenced Tests

Norm-Referenced Tests, each test-taker’s score is interpreted in relation to a mean (average score), median (middle score), standard deviation (extent of varience in scores), and/or persentile rank.

Criterion-Referenced Tests, on the other hand, are disigned to give test-takers feedback,  usually in the form of grades, on specific course or lesson objectives.

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