Name        : Nailul muna

Unit/  sem :   IV / V



            Many people in the world who want to look pretty, especially women : Adolescents, adults,  even age, likewise a men. Woman still look beautiful  and attractive. This is a desire that can not be separated from women; however, we must know, beauty is not born alone, because beauty is owned by a woman could be lost if not on guard and on the increase. There are two kinds of beauty : Inner beauty and beauty is born.

            They are many meaning of the term “ Beauty”. Inner beauty is a beauty that in the search for its essence, like beauty of science, reason, mind, and purity it self. Inner beauty is able to decorate a way thought not born beautiful. Inner beauty is God’s greatest blessing bestowed upon his servant. Born beauty is also a blessing of God that should be thankful for. Thankful  to be cautious and maintain, will increasingly add to the beauty is born will be lost at a time.

            In conclusion, to achieve true beauty (inner beauty), a woman must meet three requirement : Prayers, do fasting and worship in the sense of servitude and surrender to God unconditionally. Therefore, the beauty which will be bestowed upon you as the most beautiful woman in the world and the hereafter. Be your most beautiful woman of beautiful women.


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