Some years ago at my senior high school we had holyday. That time, we choose Banda Aceh city to holyday because just about 3 hours from my school and there also have many beach that interesting. At the same time we have performances in a school which popular in Banda Aceh. During the holyday, some of our stayed in Jambu Tape for join competitions. Then we started our day with good performances. That is ‘Speech in English language’. After that, we join competition part two is Aceh dance.

 We was presentation something that good because nothing constraint that happen. I think we all feel tired the day but its ok because we were ready joint the competition and you know? There have many rules that applying. There are we must good behavior, on time, not nervousness, the self confidence and have skill if any questions from the juries and et cetera. After joint the competitions, we were visiting some place that interesting. That is we are visited the beach of Lampuuk, Lhoknga, etc. When we arrived Lampuuk, immediately we were swimming together and some of our joint the swimming contest with my teacher. I feel so happy the time. Be sides I like bath at the sea I also can pass the examination. Afterwards, we feel tired and we would come back to renting house for dinner and take a rest.

Next day, we awoke up at 09.00 Am. Then we breakfast together and ready to go shopping that what we need in one of supermarket and expressly any someone closes by me. He is old men who not we known. I think he was joining us from a road. Afterwards he asked the bag that used by my friend, Jery. He used Army bag. O my God. The old man is insane. Seemingly last year he doesn’t via member of Army until he can’t saw something which resembles with that. Immediately, we call security in the shop and soon bring the old men out.

Finally, we came back to our house and there a people brought some newspaper and my teacher bought it. Immediately my teacher and friend read the newspaper and have good news, we are not supposition; we were winner in the competition last days. Everyone feel happy with the news and soon we guy our party until midnight  like barbeque, playing funny games with my teacher and sing a song who gift by a someone and make a fun my friend will birthday. The night is last night for our because the last night we stayed in the renting house. My holiday was to be best experience because we were made my headmaster, parent feel happy and proud. Next day, in my school we got appreciation. Wow! The good experience right?  I thought the holiday can not forget by our. And The successful come without awareness.

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