Writing IV (Riza Syahputra)



     My name is Riza syahputra. I live in Langsa precisely in Karang Anyer. I am a student at STAIN Zawiyah Cot Kala Langsa. I have three brothers and no sister. I am 20 years old and my birthday on March, 4, 1991. My mother’s job is a housewife and my father is a policeman.

     My hobby is singing because can make me feel calm. During my college experience at STAIN is that I can meet more people and many lectures who have their respective characters. I can get friends not only of class but also from organization that I follow now. My ambition is to become a teacher of English who are smart and if possible I also want to become a professional singer. Something that can make me happy is singing. My favorite food is fried meatball and noodles.

     My daily activities after waking is usually bathe and morning prayer. Then I have breakfast with my family and then I was watching television, after midday prayers I am getting ready to go to college. I am not married because I still want my parent happy. Important person in my life are my parents they have been treating me like this.

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