Writing IV (Riza Syahputra)





     Telephone is a communication tool that is needed now, not only adults but also children. At this time the phone is divided into two types the first is a home phone and the second is a mobile telephone. In modern times this phone now becomes very important for human life.

     Home phone is an electronic device for a gear that makes a phone call home. Home phone is still using a cable, in contrast to cellular phones that do not use wires. Home phone could only make phone calls and receive phone calls only. Unlike the case with cellular phones, cellular phones, modern can make phone calls, receive calls, sms (text messaging), MMS, e-mail, internet access and can even watch television.

     The benefits of home phone is that we can easily communicate to the people by making false calls from home or office and can communicate to everyone. And we received a call from a landline, from the office phone or cellular / mobile phone.

     Home phone not only can make and receive telephone calls even just a home phone can also be operated in pairs internet through a computer. There is now a modern home phone, home phone could even make this modern sms (text messages). Home phone is so much in use by all people so easily we can communicate to all those nearby.

     Second, the mobile phone is an electronic device for a gear that make mobile phone calls in a wide geographical area. Mobile phones differ from cordless phones, which only offer phone service in a limited range, such as in a home or office.

      A cell phone can make and receive phone calls from and to the public telephone network that includes other mobile phones and fixed-line worldwide. This is done by connecting to a mobile network operator’s mobile network. In addition to functioning as a phone, modern mobile phones typically support additional services such as SMS (or text) messages, MMS, e-mail and Internet access, short-range wireless (infrared or Bluetooth) communications, and business and gaming applications, and fotografi. Ponsel the offers advanced computing capabilities referred to as smart phones.

     In Conclusion, the phone is a very important communication tool and now the phone has been widely used by many people including the rich, the poor, children and adults.

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