Writing IV (Astia Lili Erminda)

(Astia Lili Erminda / Unit 4 / Semester V)

Clarification Essay


       Every friend is a gift from God. Friend is someone who is willing to share time with us and who helps when we are hurt, sad, or even if we are happy. They will make time for us when we need them. It cannot imagine being separated from the people who care about it, always tell the truth, and can always put a smile on face. They are there to listen any time we need to talk or cry and no matter how much we have spent with them. A friend is someone who is kind to us and knows how we feel when we are scared. Fellow friends should help each other. Good friends have many qualities including being caring, honest, trustworthy, and positive.

       Caring is necessary quality for a good friend. What is the point of having “friend” if they do not care about you? If our friends really do, they will always be there for us and when we need to talk to someone, and they will actually listen to what we have to say. Caring friends will check up on us and cheer we up when we are sick.

       Being honest and trustworthy is also very important qualities for a good friend to have. We can trust our problems or secret thoughts to such friend. Trustworthy and honest person will not lie to us or threaten to tell everyone our personal things.

        Our think the best quality a good friend can have is being positive. Positive friend can put a smile on our face and make our laugh anytime. Our can bat that even when our have reached the lowest of lows, they will be there to cheer we up. Our friend will be supportive and look on the bright side when we are in a tight spot. They will be able to offer help when our need it.

        In conclusion, good friends have many important qualities make them fun to be with. Friends may embrace us when we face a daunting problem, help us survive the people who just want to take advantage of us, reprove us when we neglect something, remind us when we forget, helping to increase our confidence, help us to become one better, and more accept ourselves what it is. Good friend cares always. Some of these qualities include: being caring, honest, trustworthy, and positive. What would the world be like without friends?

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