Writing III (Riza Syahputra)

( Riza Syahputra / Unit 4 )

NIM : 140900369

Narrative Essay : “A Memarable Trip”


      A several years ago during the school holidays. I went to the beach with my family. After arriving at the hotel we were planning to get around using a boat and diving beach.

      Sunday morning we were getting ready to get around in beach and the boat was already waiting for us on shore. After all preparations were done we were rushed to begin our journey to circumnavigate the coast. After a few minutes we were fascinated to see the existing view its exterior.

       After the tour finished, we were all getting ready to dive in to the sea. We were cursing all the necessary equipment such as bathing suits, oxygen, and frog legs. We went straight into the sea and was surprised to see the beautiful coral and fish are at the sea, almost an hour and then we dive we returned to the hotel for rest.

       Although we were a bit tired at this holiday but we are very pleased with this holiday and we hope we will go on holiday to somewhere more exciting than this holiday.

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