Translation III (Riza Syahputra)


        College is a place of experts who are hoped to be able to give contribution to younger generation for the sake of the future development. As a systematic effort to buildup the human resources, Department of Educational and cultural affairs decided four main wisdoms in education: distribution and opportunity, the relevancy between education and development, the quality and the efficiency of education. The relevancy between education and the development in its implementation known as link and match is priority to focus on.

         In this sense, only with deep knowledge education would get its accomplishment in compliance with its mission and function. Thus, it is necessary to evaluate the relevancy of exist program at collage with the future demands. Precisely, would human sources produced by collage can be observed by economic activities and development.

         To begin with have to know Raw-Input and Instrumental Input. Secondly, both Raw-Input and Instrumental Input come into process taking eight semesters long. Thirdly, Output must be compliance and in demand of the institution criteria and ready to involve in “competition”. Educators are the important instrument in deciding the success of education as from lecturer the knowledge transformed to the students.

         The collage having qualified lectures will be interested by many. Hence, it is obligation for collage to buildup lecturer’s quality. On the contrary, the collage indisposed to follow its stream will be left by society and brings about its backwardness and collapse.

          Curriculum is a set of planning and norms in regard to contents or subject matter, the way of conveying and evaluating in the teaching-learning process. Curriculum divided in core and local. Core curriculum is educational element  design nationally by the government. Besides, the local curriculum is part of educational curriculum in relevance with the condition and the need of the environment need and typical of the collage.

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