Translation III (Astia Lili Erminda)



      Way back before, every parent will always say that education is your key to success for you to have a better life.  Thus, they always keep on saying that only education is the only treasure that will give to you, right?  Is this true or just a false statement?  If you just think of the exact meaning of education then you can answer the question behind your back.  Therefore, the following is the list of meaning that you can look for:

     a. Education is a process of training and developing once knowledge, its skill, mind, your character and other values through the help and guidance by a formal schooling, teaching and training to develop its knowledge.

     b. It is a systematic study of methods and other theories of teaching and learning as well.

     c. It is any act that has a formative effect on once mind, physical ability or even character of an individual.

     d. It is also a process in which society deliberately transmits its knowledge, its skills and even values from generation to generation.

      Thus, whatever the meaning of education is, one thing in common is that education is important for you to enhance your values and your mind in preparation for your better tomorrow.  Because at the end, you were also the one who will benefit all the hardship that you give to your education.  Thus, what you saw is what you reap; therefore, in life it is better to reap the good soil. Now, you can totally answer the importance of education and everything that we have is what we owe to our parents who had been very inspiring to our lives to succeed.

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