Speaking II (Astia Lili Erminda)


             Bimby was bad girl. She lived with her mother and sister. Her sister’s name is luna. Bimby was eight years old and in the second grade of Elementary school. She has friend who name was charly and syerin.

             Bimby’s mother always taught her to say “bismillah” before doing

One morning, before she went to school. Bimby and her family break fast together.

Mother        : “before eat; don’t forget to say the blessing first”

Luna             : “of course mom. I will always remember it.”

Bimby           : “why do I have to say that all the time? Allah must be bored of hearing it”

Luna             : (sister fall annoyed with her young sister response)

                   “Bimby! Don’t like that! You must listened mother advice!”

Bimby          : “But, my word doesn’t false, luna!”

Luna             : (Angry with bimby’s response).


Bimby          : (Hit the table and go out)


             Bimby was angry and hit the table than went go out and didn’t think about it anymore. She also forgot to say good bye to her mother. Then her mother and sister chase bimby until outside but vain. Bimby had gone to school.

             In the school, went to class room with Charly and Syerin.

(Then teacher came to class room).

Teacher       : “Assalamu’alaikum Wr Wb.”

All student   : “Wa’alaikum salam Wr Wb.”

Teacher       : “Please save all the books and you have a test now.”

Bimby          : (shocked and confuse)

                     Oh no! I forget to study

Carly            : (confuse, then she see to Bimby)

                     “What happen wit you? Are you sick?”

Bimby          : (afraid)

                     “I forget to study. Please help me!”

Carly            : “I can not to help you. I don’t study too.”

Syerin         : “Carly is true Bimby. She can not help you. Only Allah”

Carly            : “it’s true Bimby, and don’t forget to say Bismillah first before test.”

Syerin         : “Allah must be helping you although you don’t study. Believe to me! Can you do it?”

Bimby          : (only silent)

Carly            : (confuse)

                    “Bimby, Are you listen us?

Bimby          : (angry)

                    “Stop!, I’m bored to hearing the advice everyday.”

             Carly and Syerin only silent

             Then the test began and Bimby get a bad grade. The teacher was disappointed.

Teacher       : “Bimby, why do you have a bad grade? Don’t you study?”

Bimby         : (only silent)

Teacher       : “at the time, I forgive you. But next on, study hard!

                     I don’t want to see you have a bad grade again. Are you understood?”

Bimby          : “yes, I’m”

             Teng… teng… teng…

             The bell is ringing. At the time to went home

Teacher       : “ok every body! You may go home now. Assalamualaikum!”

                     (To walk go out)

All student   : “Wa’alaikum salam Wr Wb

Carly            : “Bimby, do you want to go home with us?”

Syerin         : “ok, no problem. But we must go home now. Don’t sit here again Bimby, let’s go!”

Bimby          : “Hmm”

Carly and syerin     :  (suddenly stop and say something together)

                              “Don’t forget to say Bismillah Bimby!

Bimby          : (only silent and ignored)

              After went to the home from school. Bimby to her room without said anything to her sister in the home before. And then her sister warned her.

Luna             : “Bimby, where is your greeting?”

Bimby          : (angry) “up to me!”

Luna             : “How bad you are!” (Go out)

             In the evening, usually Bimby have a dinner with her family.

Bimby          : (hup…. Bimby began eating warm rice)

Mother        : “Bimby, don’t forget to say Bismillah first!”

Bimby          : (ignored and continue eat so fast)

             Bimby ignored her mother again. Suddenly on the last mouthful Bimby choked

Bimby          : “uhuk … uhuk … uhuk…”

Mother        : “I told you not to eat so fast. Bimby, that’s happen if you don’t follow my advice.”

Bimby          : “yes, mom …” (Unwell ugly)

             After lunch, Bimby and family went to respective room.

             Because satisfied, Bimby went to sleep without wash her feet and pray before.

             In the middle of the night, suddenly she was woken up by the sound of something moving across her bad room floor.

Bimby          : (woke up)

             Bimby opened her eyes to see what was happening. She was shocked to see five of giant ants surrounding her bed. Their names were Lui, Chil, Adel, Louis, and Laura.

             (The five giant ants come to Bimby)

Bimby          : “am I dreaming? Who are you?”

Lui               : “we are the assassin, bad girl!”

Laura           : “ha ha ha …. We are here to finish bad children like you, who never wash their feet before go to bed.”

Chil              : “we also will come to disturb you every night. Because you never pray before go to bed”

Bimby          : “No, please….. Mercy me! (Afraid)”

Lui               : “we will bite your feet until you have no more legs!”

Laura           : “how does it feel if I bite the wound you got this morning?”

Bimby          : “no! Please forgive me! Mom, help me…….. (Screaming)

Adel            : “It’s no use screaming, you bad girl! Now we will bite your legs until you have no leg left!”

Bimby          : “no, please, mercy me!”

Louis            : “it’s too late. You are too bad. To forgive you must be punishment.”

Bimby          : “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim, oh Allah, please help me!”

             (All the giant ants scream and run off)

             Then, Bimby woke up from her bad dream.

Bimby          : (woke up and afraid)

             Then she thanks God because the events only dream.

Bimby          : “Alhamduliilah, thank you Allah, from now on, I will say your name anytime I do something

             Then, after the event, she always said the name of Allah anytime she did something





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