Where Is The Position Of Teens?

Teens need to be questioned “Whether he is really a teenager or bogus.” Categories such as what is the name a teenager. Whether according to age, behavior or thoughts? Now, we can compare based on age, behavior and thoughts.

Age 15 years consider to have been teenager, unfortunately the courtship and their style that they consider themselves is teenagers. Teenagers just busied themselves “Sight seeing.” Although like that, but they can not be called as teenager because their behavior and their thinking are far below child’s thinking.

 Action of teens who do not want to know can make the earth is destroyed. Most teens today, meaning all the problems “That’s not our business.” If we want to investigate more and more, as result teens are most wrong ways; use drugs, drinking, and homosexuals, raped. Etc.

Teens who actually are teens minded leaders and active their thinking to solve the problems that popping up every day on this Earth. If the teens of the earth had damage, so our earth certain that destroyed. Are teenagers ever thinking about this? May be, if they think, they just thought of it, not trying to solve it, let alone to change it.

Supposedly, the teens at this time busied him self an activist. Watching the news and looking for information about knowledge. Whereas, the problems and disasters that occur on this earth can activate their thinking, although it can not handle directly, but they can give an opinion, prevent the area his self does not occur and take lessons from what happened.

Is not easy to different what the teenagers are teenager or they are bogus. Their age have to meddle in teenager, but behavior and thinking not support it. On the contrary, their age not to be the teenagers, but their style has followed the teenagers. Where is position teenager? Do teenagers can be called as a teenager? Just teens that can answer all of them.

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