Reading (Widya Nanda)

Nama                          : Widya Nanda

NIM                            : 140900401

Jurusan / Prodi          : Tarbiyah / PBI

Semester / Unit          : IV / 4




Habiburrahman El Shirazy


          Fahri is Al-azhar students who came from Indonesia. He is a student who very diligent, energetic and thirsty for knowledge. This afternoon, Cairocity seemed to smolder. Last summer it was peaking in Cairotoday. Although the weather is so hot, Fahri still going to engineering. When he got out of the flat, a voice of woman called his name. Woman is Maria. She is Fahri’s neighbor who very good and friendship. She lived on the 2nd floor. She came from a Coptic Christian family. But she was very happy with the Qur’an even she can memorize the letter of Maryam and the letter of Al-maidah. She asked Fahri to buy a floppy disk. A store that sells such equipment is not far from the apartment but because of the extremely hot weather makes Maria lazy to get out apartment. Fahri continued the journey by metro to study engineering. Afterthat, he immediately returned to the flat 17.45. that afternoon was a very tiring day. Fahri shower soon after drinking the Ashir Asha ( juice) from Maria. Disk Maria was given after the shower through a basket lowered Maria.

          Just in time for midnight, when Fahri and his friend were having fun and mingle together in Suthuh. They heard noise sound. Male voice and female voices swearing mingled with screams and cries of woman. They were soon to Suthah edge and looked down. It turns out in front of the gate, they saw a woman named Noura was dragged and kicked by a black man and a woman. Noura is a beautiful eqyptian girl and still young. She was always tortured by her father and older sister. Fahri was very sorry and sad to see Noura. He suddenly remembered to Maria, the girl who has a noble heart. Fahri immediately sent a message to Maria. In the message, Fahri asked for help to Maria to help Noura. But Maria didn’t brave for fear of father’s Noura, Bahadur. Fahri said, if I were lawful for her then I’ll help her. For the sake of your God help Noura, please. Finally Maria was willing to help. Maria took her to her apartment. But Maria afraid if later found out by Noura’s father. They also seek a way out. They will put Noura in safe place that is inNasrCity. Students ofIndonesiastay in there. They hope Noura will tell them what happened with her. Next day, at 10.10 Fahri went to met Aisha and Alicia. Aisha is veiled woman of Turkish. She had several months inCairo. While Alicia is a woman came from Amerika. Alicia wants to ask Fahri some question about Woman in Islam.

But Fahri only answered one question for a very short time. Fahri suggested that these questions can be written and Fahri can answer it if there is time. After meeting with Alicia and Aisha, Fahri immediately went to the Mosque’s Indonesian in Dokki. Apparently when in the Metro, Fahri met again with Aisha. Aisha also wants to go there. She wants to see students ofIndonesia. Fahri and Aisha become very familiar.

          At one day, they were paired by their respective guardians. Fahri not expect that they will be paired. Weeding was held. They were very happy newlywed. But after a few days of their marriage, Fahri was shocked by the arrival of a letter from Nurul. Nurul is student Al-azhar too, came fromIndonesia. Nurul devoted all his feelings and suggested polygamy to Fahri because Nurul really wants to live happily with a man who she loved. Fahri was immediately replied to a letter from Nurul, he didn’t want to disappoint heart Aisha and he will not be double Aisha. Fahri hopes for Nurul to understand. Next day, Fahri received word that Maria was sick. Fahri could only pray for a speedy recovery.

           A few days, they went back from their honeymoon. Fahri feels uneasy. Some time later, he obtained a stake letter for an arrest case. The Police had caught him and took him into the car cage. Fahri and Aisha really don’t know what was happening. Joy was turned into sorrow. Fahri was taken to police head quarters Abbasea. There he was dragged and interrogated, shouted, yelled and cursed. He was in accused of raping Noura, his neighbor in Hadayek Helwan. Fahri certainly didn’t want to admit it, because he never did as alleged. Noura actually been accused Fahri raped her. Fahri was shocked to hear that, he never thought that Noura would accuse him of doing what he never made. The police continued to abuse him. It is completely humiliated and his cock in verbal abuse. Fahri continue to be victim of torture them until finally Fahri was unconscious. After conscious, fahri was already in the room was dark and stuffy. His wife and his friends came to visit him. Fahri reminded of Maria. She was a key witness of this problem. She was at night rescuing Noura from his grief. But now Maria was lying weakly in the hospital. A few days later, Mr. Boutros and Madame Nahed came to visit Fahri. They recounted the fate of Maria and gave a diary book Maria to Fahri. Fahri was very sad after read it. Apparently Maria loved him so much. Madame Nahed asked Fahri to help her. Mr. Boutros and Madame Nahed asked for permission to bring Fahri to the hospital before the trial begins.

          After arriving at the hospital, formerly Maria looks cheerful and now she was very weak helpless. Madame Nahed said you should help her, you should to marry Maria. for the sake ofMariasrecovery. Fahri was refusing, because he didn’t want to disappointe Aisha and didn’t want to double her. Madame Nahed spoke on Aisha and Aisha volunteered her husband to marry Maria. Fahri refused, because Maria was not Muslim. But Aisha argues that she is not Muslim but her disposition is Muslim. Please marry with her.

Finally Fahri was willing to marry Maria. after they became husband and wife legally. Fahri was trying to bring Maria. Fahri was crying because Maria never realized. But after a few moments later, Maria was conscious and Fahri explained that they had become husband and wife legally. Maria was very happy. Shortly thereafter, Fahri was immediately returned the court. He requested permission to Aisha and Maria to go. Arrive at court, Fahri immediately sit down to resolve this matter. There also appears to Noura and her family looked cynical to Fahri. Some relatives of Fahri provide some explanation to the judge, but lawyer of  Noura always denied and defended Noura. Noura’s lawyer continued to accuse Fahri with harsh word. Shortly thereafter, Maria and her family came. Maria soon gave testimony that Noura has given false testimony Fahri was innocent. Noura was slander. Because emotions can’t be in durability, suddenly Maria had fainted. Her family immediately took her to the hospital. Then Noura was telling the truth. She admitted that she had been slandered Fahri. Fahri was innocent. Turned out to people who have been raped her was Bahadur and it turns out Bahadur was not biological parent of Noura. After the trial were finished. Fahri immediately brought to hospital for treatment. At the hospital, Maria still visible coma.

          Next day, Aisha got a call from Alicia. She wanted to meet with Aisha. Aisha immediately pick her up and took her to the hospital. Alicia didn’t not like first. Now, she has a wear a more polite and she also has become a Muslim blessing Fahri. She arrived with the news pictures happy. She shows 2 books, one of these books listed Fahri named as author’s name. Fahri was all the answer to these questions Alicia about Women in Islam has now become a book. Fahri was very proud to see it. His sadness was soon erased. After finishing met and chatted with Aisha and Fahri, Alicia even say good bye. She promised to meet them again later.

          One night, Aisha surprised to hear Maria delirious. Aisha woke Fahri and they soon saw Maria. Maria delirious was very strange. She memorized the letter of Maryam and continued with the letter of At-thaha. They were very surprised to hear that. Shortly thereafter, Maria was soon realized. She described what she experienced in her subconscious. She said that she saw heaven and met with the mother of Prophet Isa, Maryam. Maryam said the key to entered heaven is you have to perform ablutions. Fahri and Aisha were very shocked to hear that. Maria wanted to go to the heaven and she asked Fahri to help her take wudhu’. After finished take wudhu’, Maria re-laid in bed. In a low voice, she uttered slowly “Asyhadu alaa ilaaha ilallah wa asyhadu anna Muhammadan abduhu wa rasuluh”. Maria keep smile. Slowly her eyes began to fade and soon her eyes clear then it closed. Fahri immediately check for breathing. It turned out that Maria has been exalted to God with a sweet smile on her lips. “Innalillahi wa Innailaihi raji’un”. 

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