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Bukan Akhwat Biasa






Book title : Bukan Akhwat Biasa
Author : Nursubah
Publisher: Puspa Swara
Edition : 2006
Thickness : 122 pp

            This book tells of a sister named Mia Aulia. He wears a headscarf, but her tomboyish and his hobby was climbing trees. He is also good at karate and when getting out of bed like nungging first and upside down. Anyway, very far from the shadow deh sister as a cool and understated. Understandably, Mia is still looking for identity. Despite pake jilbab from high school, neighborhood environment Mia still hanging out. But everything changed after he had a class and participate LDK.
           Mia has three companions, they are both wearing the hijab. Mia and his three friends come from different regions. Because of this, often the differences are understood between them. Even so, they can always find a solution to resolve the difference in understanding.
Mia is a good student and superaktif. In college, Mia take charge of BEM and he also follows the LDK (Propagation Institute Campus). Through the LDK was Mia becomes acquainted with a brother named Yudi, he was vice chairman of LDK. Since then, Mia became more feminine. Mia also diligently follow the social activities and guide street children. In fact, he and his three friends to have to fight with the thugs who control these street children.

           Although Mia has now turned into a better sister, Mia habits have not climbed a tree leave. Especially when he met with a brother named Yudi. Mia was trying to replace his pants with a skirt. He also became diligent grooming lho. Even so, the habit of climbing trees aja tetep not yet abandoned. Abis hobby really. However, instead of tree climbing event that she became more familiar close to the Akhil Yudi. And finally, akhi Yudi Mia apply to serve as wives.
This book is so fun to read. There are many literary works in this book, including poetry and rhymes. In addition, there are also some words in Arabic, for example gadhul Bashar which means maintaining the view, which means Ustadzah sorry, akhi which means my brother (male), and ukhti which means my brother (female).

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