CAUSE                                                                                                                       EFFECT

-The stepmother  Cinderella really close to her, so        -He wanted to have the wealth her father

-Cinderella lived of the misery, so                                           -Her step mother  really cruel

-Cinderella go to the palace, so                                                     -The prince asked her to go

-Cinderella helped by the mother of the fairy with                   -Cinderella really sad

  magic stick to go to palace, so                                                      

-The prince looked for a girl with glassed shoe that                  -he wanted  to marry  the girl who agreed

  was owned by him, so                                                                     with the shoe

-The mother Snow-White will kill her child, so                           -Snow-White more prettier than her

-The queen always needed the magic mirror, so                        -T he mirror could tells something that was


-The queen was sad, so                                                                   -The mirror said Snow-White more prettier

                                                                                                                 than her

-Soldier brought came home the lungs  and heart                    -The soldier couldn’t to kill Snow-white

  of the pig, so   

– The dwarfs shouted, so                                                                 -They are seeing a  girl in his house that

                                                                                                                   was  very pretty that is Snow-white

-Snow-white had lived after dying, so                                           -The poison that in gave her mother

-Snow-white unconscious, so                                                          -The poison that in gave by her mother

-The queen go to the palace to see  a pretty girl, so                   -The queen was curious what was told by               

                                                                                                                   By her mirror

-The queen died, so                                                                           -The queen dancing on fire until foot her

                                                                                                                  was burnt.                     

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