READING – BOOK REVIEW ( Nailul muna)


            Name : Nailul Muna

            PBI/ Unit 4/ Semester 4


            BOOK REVIEW


Book Title: The Marriage Bureau for Rich People
Author:  Farahad Zama
            Summary: India Farahad Zama is a successful writer after moving to the West (London). Men born in Vizag, India, was born while still in the ground work in a bank. Then, his career took landed in London which later became the land of the second birth. Novel The Marriage Bureau for Rich People are recent examples that I read. Farahad Zama wrote this novel after he settled and became a citizen Inggris.dan now, so many readers of this novel, although different religions.
            Social / Historycal context: The Marriage is a pop masterpiece that is quite rich. He is a novel of love set in Indian culture. Through the main character, Mr. Ali, an Indian Muslim who opened the dating service in retirement. Zama Farahad spread problems in his homeland are complex. It’s not just a matter of culture and religion, but also political and social issues that  interesting. In a packaging masterpiece of pop is tasty and fresh, the Farahad Zama successfully blended a variety of topics and information into a story that is dense enough nutrition. He said that in public life a small town like Vizag, two neighbors of different religions, Islam and Hinduism, can live in harmony side by side. If peace can happen in a bigger scale (statehood), possibly India will be free from the turmoil caused lasting enmity of Islam-Hinduism. Farahad also tells, that in the same society also continues the traditions and local beliefs about caste and customs. For example, it turns out even in this modern age, marriage affairs are still regulated parent. If a child who chooses his own soul mate without interference orag parents, the child will be treated as children who do not know the customs. Moreover, if to dare to marry couples of different castes or religions. Forever he will be ostracized by his extended family.

            Writing style: In this story I can infer a very interesting writing style, common and easy to understand the reader. Road stories that tell a love story of  different  religions. Author  also write with words that familiar until the reader easy to understood. So  many people who want to read.

My thought: I think, through this work, Farahad just wanted to convey the idea that it was not his time anymore affairs arranged marriage the parents, even though he explicitly agreed should indeed marry someone of the same caste. Perhaps to avoid problems later Before this paper ends, I want to quote a beautiful sentence in 440 pages of this book that should be kept in mind by the couple who will marry and embroidery: Affection between them was evident in the eyes of all people. Based on experience, Mr. Ali knows that romantic love is only a few years old and they must find another way to eternal life.

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