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My Pinky Moments


Asma Nadia




1. Book title    : My Pinky Moment
2. Author         : Asma Nadia
3. Publisher     : PT Lingkar Pena Krativa
4. Edition        : First Printing, February 2006
5. Thickness    : 194 pp












This novel tells about the Puput’s life, a high school kid veiled, Grade 2 who has narrow eyes and lives in Kemuning road number 1. She live with mother and four people brother, Vincent, Harap, Hamka and Idwar or Iid. Aisyah Putri serial this time tells the story about Aisyah Putri of confusion before February 14, or referred by youth Valentine’s Day, which is always identical with the color pink, why pink? It is still mysterious for Aisyah Putri or used to be called by her friend, Puput. The closer to the day she was more confused view of the fourth brother, Vincent, Hamka, Please, and Iid, who was busy looking for gifts for their girlfriend, which is also pink. They almost forget her because it was so busy. Her friends were also not spared from the virus this valentine, many of them are in a mess here because there has not been getting a couple to be invited to a Valentine’s event held in the school hall. Puput and jilbabers the other as one member Rohis events that are not clearly reject the teachings of Islam. Puput did not intend to seek coupling, even thought not. But why unexpectedly Don or Mr. Poet even invited him to go to the event valentine in the school. This makes Puput more confused, although Don only invite her ‘As a friend’. Icha one jilbabers seduce continue Puput to receive invitations Don, she thought it was only as an expression of friendship alone. But Ayu and Mimi, who have not been friends Puput trailer, even mocking Puput. They consider Puput one that is not pro against Valentine, but why now be getting an invitation to the event.
All the confusion it causes Elisa forgotten, that is one of their friends who used to be a former child model. Elisha returned to meet with people who really hate it, namely, ex-boyfriend who has contributed a wound in her heart that she will not forget forever. And her ex came back to retrieve something that had never existed. He was very angry to her, he thought Elisha was not able to keep what has made it meaningful in this world. Gravity he intends to commit suicide along with Elisa. Together with the Jilbabers, Puput trying to rescue Elisa, although they have to deal with death.











In this book has some info about valentine :


  1. Ken Sweiger the article “Should Biblical Christians Observe It?” says word “Valentine” comes from the Latin word meaning the Almighty, the Most Powerful, and the Almighty. This word is addressed to Nimrod and Lupercus, the Roman god. then realized it or not, -written Ken Sweiger- if we ask people to be “to be my Valentine”, it means that invited him to become the Almighty. In Islam this is called Syirik, which means associating partners with Allah.


  1. Still associated with Valentine as a day of love, would often see the symbol of cupid on Valentine’s knick-knacks. Cupid (mean:the desire), the baby with the winged arrow is the son of Nimrod “the hunter”, the god of the sun. Called the god of love, because he is so handsome he even hunted woman doing indecent acts with his own mother. (Source:Eramuslim)


In my opinion, in this novel, the secret revealed the origin of valentine with any deviation to the Islamic Shari’a. And also persistence Puput to stick fast to the principle that Valentine was not allowed. The novel also reveals how the friendship actually, where for the sake of our friends will be dealing with anything to help him, even though it’s death.




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