Reading (Astia Lili Erminda)


        In ancient times there lived an old man with his wife who also was old. Grandfather works as taking the bamboo in the forest. It’s called name Taketori no Okina.

        One day, when grandfather went into the bamboo forest, a bamboo stem visible glow. Grandfather was surprised and cut bamboo stems. After that, he found inside it a baby the size of his thumb. A daughter who is petite, cute and funny. The daughter was brought home and their raised her as their own child and named her Kaguya-hime. Since then, every day grandfather always find the gold of the bamboo rod. Soon grandfather and his wife became rich.

         Several months later, Kaguya-hime grew from a small baby into a very beautiful princess. Princess Kaguya beauty news spread whole the country. Many men who came to propose to her, but was rejected. Nevertheless the men just kept coming, until finally the remaining 5 people. The grandfather was forced to persuade her, Kaguya unable to resist, but he gave conditions: He would marry a man capable of carrying goods which he mentioned: the sacred Buddha bowl, tree branch jewel of the islands Penglai, China fire from rat skin, color of pearl neck dragon, and shells of luminous swiftlet.

          The first applicant came back with a regular bowl, the second applicant brought counterfeit goods made by artisans, the third applicant bring ordinary mouse skin that easily burns, all rejected due to fake. Applicants fourth surrendered due to hit by storm on the way, while the fifth applicants were killed by a broken hip.

           News of failure of the applicants and beauty Princess Kaguya was heard until the Japanese emperor, Mikado, who so wanted to meet and eventually fall in love with the Princess Kaguya. Grandpa Bambu persuade Princess Kaguya Takers for getting married with the Emperor, but Princess Kaguya still refuse for various reasons. However, later, Princess Kaguya keep in touch with the Emperor through the poems from time to time.

            Every autumn comes, when Princess Kaguya see the full moon, her eyes always water dripping. Whenever asked by his adopted parents, she was always silent. Until one day, because they do not take it anymore, he told them the truth that he is not of this world. He came from the moon, and although he loved everything on the earth, when the time comes, he must immediately return to his home in months. He then wrote his last letter to the Emperor who told his identity, along with a letter that included a few drops of medicine for eternal life as a sign of farewell.

            When the time comes, Princess Kaguya reappointed to the capital of the moon. The Emperor was very sad to lose a loved one while his friend, he then asked his bodyguards to bring a letter believed to return to the mountain closest distance to the sky, the mountains in the province of Suruga. Guards were ordered to burn the letter of the Emperor upon his arrival there for the message to the Princess Kaguya. They also were ordered to burn medicine of immortality there, because the Emperor did not want eternal life without seeing or with Princess Kaguya.

             Mount the letters and medicine of immortality was burned later called ‘Fushi no Yama’, later became the name of the mountain, Mount Fuji [Mount Fuji].

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