Unit : 4



I want to share about myself with you, which is to all my friends. My name is TM.JUANDA, but you can call me TM and I was born in Langsa City on December-3-1991. I live at Kp.Baru and my house at the Damai hallway. My ladder education in my life is; on elementary school I have at the SDN Langsa Lama, then I have junior high school at the SMPN 5 Langsa and also I have senior high school at the SMAN 2 Langsa. Well, now I student College at the Islamic Boarding School in STAIN ZAWIYAH COT KALA LANGSA and I take English language department.

In my campus, I comprise active and friendly student. But that just feel I just of course. However I am is a good boy to my parent’s version. Today, I go up to fifth semesters in my campus. Actually, till that day I am so confused about why I choose English language department. I do not how to say. It is possible I will be a teacher, or whatever how you think about my decision since I choose English department. Maybe this is my way already been given by Allah swt.

So, I try to find happiness and be a lucky with what already I choose in my life. I believe if I do it with every consideration and truth, therefore I will be beneficent person after I solve my s1 in here. I believe it this is not easy for me. I hope it is not wrong way about why I choose English department. And the end, without all of you and of course my parent’s, I am is nothing.  



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