In COT KALLA self still a lot of college student that was successful settles all these. But I think this problem can be seriously for us. But is not just that only, even lecture can become one of cause for college student that do not success in learned at COT KALLA. I have once do severally research about this problem at COT KALLA, but I am still have not gotten answer that I want. So, how far we can be success in this problem, do you have opinion or answer from this problem? Likely this is problem that we shall solve together. Or I will give several of my opinion, which hopefully can be accepted in your brain or in your common sense. I know, maybe this is one of crazy idea or contrariwise thinking about this problems, I do not know let is begin. Firstly is that clear and a good campus, secondly is qualified and a good lecturer, thirdly is an active students and wants to study, and the last one is work hard.

Well, I will word by piece. Firstly is a good place, why do I choose about this, because this is place where we will stay up for hours. If this place is not clear and slatternly, we will be troubled and unconcentrate to accept study. If we have got clearly place, we must be easily to accept study and brain also working more optimal. Secondly is qualified and a good lecturer, this is one of important part for students at the campus.  Since qualified and a good lecturer gets give us good and right knowledge. And lecture who can understand about its college student. Because at COT KALLA there are some lecturer cannot be understand about college student problem, and I think many incompatible lecturer as lecturer. So, I please lecturer can become place for we can ask and don’t over cruel. Thirdly is an active student and wants to study, to be success in this problem we must be active and  one is work hard, this is one of piece which very important in this problem. If we get to be success we shall strive to reach it.

Work hard, this is key word for us if we can be success. Since we may not be able to reach it without work hard and sacrifice, I know it’s not easy for any ones. If all these we do, I believe we will successful settle this problem. I please college student and lecturer collaborate to can settle it, if it is successful that we all will getting result. We shall be certain if we can, and must never give up reaching success this in life. So, these are several of my opinion about how be successful student in studying at STAIN COT KALA. Likely you want give your better opinion or answer then me? Please call me at number 0852961332888 , or my e-mail address at I please we all can trip this life with able and patient. And the last one, we must work hard and do not forget to pray, because effort without all of these is nonsense and useless.        


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