Book Review By T.M.Juanda



NAME                                    : TM.JUANDA

NIM                            :140900371

PRODI                        :PBI



BOOK             : Love as Salt as

AUTHOR       : D.Zawawi Imron


            Summary: This book told about a king and child third it, king(70 year-old), Boza(35 year-old), Bayu(33 year-old), Bona(30 year-old) Who live in one palace at Madura’s island. One some day, that king confused choose its substitution candidate as crown. Finally, it gets idea  to test them. Child third it that then called to meet king. “ my son, I will test you with one question. Who that its nicest answer, he will replace my coming position. You readily”?“ readily, father!” their answer. “ king asks, if you want to the king, as big as what love to your people”? Boza answer, “ my love is to my people as mountain as”! disappointed king, since at  Madura  island no mountain but hill. Then Bayu answer,” my love to my people as high as star”. “ your think is over restrains from earth, answer king”. And then Bona answer,” my love is to my people as salt as”. “Hah..?why as salt as? Ask its father wonderment”. Because my daily make salt with my little people, every human in the world need salt at its food. If my love like salt , its mean everybody can feel my love that. That is my love intention as salt as”. Hearing that explanation, king very happy and smiling. Finally Bona who replace its father position to become king.


Social/historical context: Zawawi tell about Bona good person and are not brazen.

In he 30 year-old, he has think about reality and objective. Of both of his brother, just his who have good heart and smart brain. Really in contras to both of its brother, one that so conceit and high and mighty. Bona its person very patient and humanity for his people. Because he always flock together with his people. Besides he court and good at heart, he good looking too. After his father dies, it’s the king in Madura island. Bona really sad, but he knows what do will be done it, he shall replace its father position and to be the next good king in Madura island.








Time passed away, Boza, Bayu and Bona its three person that captain in Madura island. With all excess and its lack. And one day bona found a paper at one case. Apparently this latter of a people which really wonders it. One that tells about his character.



“My Glorious King.

He is best person.

He is smart.

He is good looking.

He is good friend.

He is very court.

He is our good king.

He don’t like fight.

He is best our king.


That its all”.



Besides, he always far seeing and care with his people. But he always he perceives was perfect king like last, which his father. But hotly and trust that gave by its people, now he becomes fair king wise and respected by his people, all people in Madura island.


Writing style: This book is really good. The author wrote the story in easy words and sentences. Although the reader was not native English but most of the story are easy to understand. I am myself did not get many problems in reading this book. After we read this story, we can feel, we comprise person that as what, we like Boza, Bayu, or Bona. Save in your self!



My thought: when I read this book, I felt motivated to become the better person again, as Bona character that astounds. Maybe to be like Bona, I think very difficult. If we haven’t like Bona, we can be the person one that favorite a lot of society in our place. This hopefully become fact. Amin……..   













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