One upon a time at Middle East, live one young man that indigent with his mother that named Aladdin. Although he indigent, but he is one young man that honest and brave. And his mother really loves him. At one moment he walks at market, are not he deliberate see girl that really pretty comely. That girl is a Sultan child that captains at that country. After Aladdin’s that time fall in love with the girl. And he even wants to take in marriage that girl, but his mother says “you may not be able to take in marriage her; she is a Sultan daughter whereas you are juvenile indigent lazy one work”. And he even bent rounded to apply for that girl, and he asks for his mother to apply for that girl. His mother is even affected hear Aladdin’s requisition and they even come to palace to apply for that girl. Indeed Sultan refuse that application, since Aladdin is indigent man and has no abundant asset, but do not with Jasmine, which is name daughter of that sultan. She gives chance to Aladdin if he wants to take in marriage me, you shall institute palace a new one for me, and Aladdin accepts that requisite.

He even goes to look for work, he hope he can have adequately money to build that palace. He works hard, but its measly result, he even well nigh give up. Then, one day comes an old man to offer work to Aladdin by wages one bale of bold. Indeed Aladdin accepts that offer. That old man takes in Aladdin to go too far flung sand desert, with that old man’s magic spell cleft that sand desert and visually one cave in it. And old man it commands to Aladdin to turn in at that cave to take one old lamp and he gives one ring for Aladdin for on the alert if happening as one at deep that cave. And he even turns in at cave with full have cold feet. He walks and its eventual finds one place which gold comprising, diamond, antique goods and pearl that really much. He even astonished sees it all, he says “this can make for capital to get married”. But suddenly that old man says “do not care that object, you just need to take that lamp only”. He even take that lamp and not deliberate rub that lamp, even that lamp issue smoke and suddenly to extern a genie of that lamp. He even astonished and cowed, and that genie says “I am genie, name three your requisition, and that I must I will accede. That old man even says “that lamp handing over with angry tone”; Aladdin says “I will never turn over this lamp”. That old man anger even and shut up that cave back, Aladdin even getting’s stuck at in it. And he asks for that genie to issue him of that cave. And Aladdin returns to its village.

Upon arrival it’s at village, he asks for to genie to revamp him to be rich and make one palace which really grandiose. Even that requisition is acceding, and Aladdin is back applying for Jasmine, indeed this time its application accepted by Sultan. Since present Aladdin was rich and having one palace which really grandiose. And even their finally gets married and life be happy at Aladdin’s palace.

And one someday, at calm day have most teases by a before old man has once given work for Aladdin. Now he comes to take that lamp and vengeance to Aladdin. This time he successful to take that lamp. When Aladdin sleeps with his wife that old man takes to put of that lamp. Aladdin even realizes that its lamp was lost and his wife also lost, then he finds one letter which contain that wife and his lamp have at takings by old man. Aladdin very angry, he even looks for old man that. With ring that is at its finger, he asks for help to genie in that ring. With that genie help, finally he finds his wife at one devil palace that is on hill. Finally they are fight at that palace, but that old man to be a strongly, because he helped by genie that in is lamp. But even Aladdin does not give up, his even bents to the oars to defy.

Finally with Aladdin’s integrity and patient win battle that really gigantic it. They even safe and that old man dies with his devil palace. Finally Aladdin and his wife fly to Aladdin’s palace with flying carpet with that fantastic lamp. And now replace Jasmine’s father to become Sultan at that country. Aladdin becomes a good and honest boss. That genie at frees by Aladdin, even that genie present free life. And Aladdin lives is happy with his wife and as Sultan which well forever.                 




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