A Memorable Trip (contoh writing) by T.M,Juanda



This time my family and I won’t go to get holiday to Medan, but on this time my family and I will go to get holiday go to B.Aceh. wow….. I think it’s sound interesting. So on our Sunday departs from Langsa to B.Aceh. trip from Langsa to B.Aceh needing time around nine half hour. To me this trip is exhausting. Up to in the street we stop several time to rest, cause this trip so far away. Finally my family and I get in at B.Aceh, so I will be happy. After that, my family and I rest in my family’s house in B.Aceh.


Today I so anxious, because I will go around at B.Aceh city………..! he.he.he.he. my father said, today we will go to Laam Puuk. Oh yeah………. It’s good  idea I said. Omg….! Laam Puuk is very beautiful place and also it’s beach is so beautiful too. First day is over. Next day we will go to Baiturrahman masque. Wow…………it’s so big masque in Aceh. In masque found severally tourist, yeah… they just around at masque. Huff… I am very tired, finally my family and I go back to my family’s house. Maybe if I tell all over along. I just tell about several my trip in B.Aceh.


So I have fun go to B.Aceh. this is a memorable trip can be inspiration. Because B.Aceh is a good place to holiday with your family or your friend. I like Laam Puuk, I like masque Baitirrahman and I like all this place in B.Aceh. so, I think B.Aceh is one of alternative for us to holiday place. And B.Aceh is very beautiful beach.         






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