A Memorable Trip (contoh writing) By T.M.Juanda





            When a holiday, I go to Medan. Large cities are found in Medan . Trip from Langsa to Medan, needing time around three half hour. To me this trip is very exhausting. But, while i get in Medan city, I really astonished. Because in Medan are found large buildings and big city. My grandpa said,” Medan is the fourth big city in Indonesia”. “really.. “ I said. Up to in Medan, my family and I going to the zoo and Simbahe place too. Cause in Medan really clamorous, people who drive a car must be careful, because the road in Medan is so crowded.

After first day, I around in the Medan city, after that I rest in my family’s house in Medan. Next day I and my big family go to the zoo. Wow……., I think its very nice zoo. Cause the zoo was not found in Langsa, so I felt little  bit norak.,,he.he. But I felt  happy in here. In the zoo, found much animal, from bestial, rareness, until funniest one. Arrive at the zoo, I saw crocodile, parrot, horse, etc. We have fun together. And the next day, I and my big family went to Simbahe . Simbahe is small village in north Sumatra. In Simbahe is very cool and found much jungle. A very beautiful river was found in Simbahe, and the water is very cool and very natural place. But I think river in Simbahe is like river in the Bateilik in Aceh. But I think better in Aceh.

So I have fun go to Medan. Maybe next moon  my family and I go to Medan again, because in Medan is interesting zone city. I like Medan, I like the zoo in Medan and I like Simbahe. So, I think Medan is one of alternative for us to have a holiday,  and Medan is very good city for shopping.  







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