Semester test was over, now gets in while it for vocational. In this holiday my family and I want to go to Banda Aceh. Yes indeed I will be happy, since over there a lot of place to refresh my head. Today my family and I departed from Langsa goes to Banda Aceh. Trip from Langsa goes to Banda Aceh to need time nine hours the duration. But it does not become problem for me, because this trip must will be happy. Up to in the street, I see landscape that is so beautiful. Do not feel we are arriving at Banda Aceh, since just after weary, we decide to go to our brother house. During we are at Banda Aceh, we will stay at here. Up to in here we plan to go to Syiah Kuala sepulchered, Laam puuk, Tsunami museum, and harbor.

Today my family and I go to Syiah kuala sepulchered. While I am arriving here, I really astonished because I saw one old grave and elongated. Maybe its length three more meters. There is have one broad, one that sets down all about this grave history. But I am forget, one that I remember only name in origin which is TENGKU SYECH ABDUL RAUF. Yes, I will be happy can be here I can know aught history in here. Do not feel day have drawn near evening, we even return to our brother house.

I was two days in here. At second day I so anxious, today my family and I will go to Laam Puuk. Laam Puuk is a place that is so beautiful and peace. Since in here available beach which really clear and beautiful. I thought this is right time for swimming and get easy going. Yap, I really enjoys it. Are not is behind in, my family is following even swimming. We tuckered out, finally we rest at hut already being provided and we drink young coconut ice. This potion one really cool down body, I like it. Days have evening we clear body and go home.

At third day, we plan go to one museum which are at Banda. This museum is very famous because its collection, name this museum is Museum Stunami. I really angered to enter it. But I am unlucky today museum does not open on today. I am very disappointed. Then we decide to take a look around Banda’s city.

That is partly little its tripping up to in Banda Aceh. Banda Aceh is beautiful city and a lot of place to get easy going. This city is in point to eat up your holiday. My family and I will be happy in here. I like Banda’s city and I like its food. I hope the next holiday I go to Banda Aceh again.   



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