Micro teaching scenario*)










  1. Greeting

     teachers provide pupils with greetings to  pronounce “ASSALAMUALAIKUM “ then say good morning with using “ good morning “ and then ask the newspaper to use “ how are you “

  • teachers ask all the students how he feels today
  • the teacher give refreshing from all students with song together
  • the teacher distributed the paper containing the song to all students
  • the title of teacher introducing the name of the song and the singers
  • the teacher tells the rhythm of the song to all students
  • the lyric of a teacher a little bit before singing a song such students followed him
  • the teacher calling two disciples going forward in the future to help teachers to sing the song
  • the teacher told all the students to stand
  • teacher and student singing song together up to two times
  • the teacher asked the pupils then begin sitting all material today





















8 minutes


During  Activity

  • the teacher explained the definition of conditional sentences
  • the teacher explained to the type of conditional sentences
  • the teacher describes the second type of conditional sentences
  • teachers ask all pupils are already understand
  • the teacher told the students to advance two people give examples of conditionals fore sentences









                 10 Minutes



  • the teacher briefly reprised material
  • the teacher asked the presence of the student is absen
  • closing




2 minutes







                                         CONDITIONAL SENTENCES

    A sentence having hope, dreams,  that isn ‘t possible or probable to happen

         Type 2 ( present – unreal condition)


If+ simple past , past future


                Example : –  if I had much money , I would by a car

                            –   if I found her address , I would send her an invitation   


    To sentence nominal in type into two all of this subject have to wear were              because not wearing a verb

             Example : if were you , I would not ,do that

for the second type can also do not use  “if “

example : did I have much money , I would buy a house

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