writing (Widya Nanda)

                                                                                                                                                  Going to Banda Aceh

                     One year ago on the end of July, my mother, my brother and I went to Banda Aceh city. We were there because my brother will make wedding party. It was an enjoyable thing for me because we were not attending wedding party only but holiday in Banda Aceh too. I felt already long time I was not going to Banda Aceh. Many places in there already changes. This thing was make me want to invite the places in there. The ship port, KapalApung, Tsunami Museum, Pasar Aceh, Some beach in there, IeSuum, and fun game all was the places that I invited with my family.

                     First day was a very tired day. At 10.00 pm, we arrived in Banda Aceh. My stomach was quesy and my head was dizzy make me want to sleep on the soft bed. After arrived in my aunt home, I immediately sleep in the bed room. I was not able to speak or to remove. But my mother still looked has power to talk until midnight. I was weak and finally I also fall asleep.

                     The next day, my other family came to my aunt home to talk about my brother’s wedding party. I was happy because they came to persuade us to around city too. Although at that time my body was not health but I want to around city too. We persuaded to tsunami museum but unfortunately when we arrived there, museum was closed because the doubt from Jakarta came to invited museum. We immediately went to the ship port. In there, we saw big ship and any tourist too. We also took some pictures together when there. After that, we went to KapalApung, I already two times went there. And then, after from there we also lunched in the restaurant not far from KapalApung because the weather was very warm and we all were sleepy. The car brought us to house.

                     On the third day, my brother was persuading me to around city again. This time, he persuades me to Tsunami Museum. At that time, Tsunami Museum was opened. My brother and I began to explore it. And as memories, I also a pin of Tsunami Museum with prizes Rp.5000,00. Because the day was very warm and voice of dzuhuradzan was listened. We also bade in mosque first to doing prayer. After that, we had lunched and back to continue around city. Pasar Aceh was our next purpose. I just accompanied my brother to buy his need in there. After there, we went to an accessories shop and other shop. I saw, the prize in Banda Aceh is very expensive difference with prize in Langsa city.

                     On the fourth day, back again to around city. This time, not my brother was persuading me but my cousin. He was persuading me to saw some beach in Banda Aceh and went to “Iesuum” means hot water. It was very beautiful. And then I went play in fun game. Fun game was an exciting place to lose my bored.

                     On the next day, the party was begun. All of my family was present. The party was very exciting and plain sailing. After that, we all back to home to take a rest. Some of my other family immediately went to Medan because in there, my cousin would marriage too. Unfortunately, my family can not go there. On tomorrow morning, my family and I came back to Langsa. We did not forget to buy some the original food of Banda Aceh, Sare, Bireun, etc.

                    It was my unforgettable holiday. I can meet with my other family, around city together, saw beauty of some beach in Banda Aceh and enjoyed together. I was very happy. I hope I can go there with my family again in the next time.

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