INTAN AMELIA Scoring, Grading, and Giving Feed Back


Percent of Total Grade

Possible Total Correct

Oral Interview


4 scores, 5 to 1 range x 2 = 40



10 items @2 points each  = 20



10 items @2 points each  = 20



2 score, 5 to 1 range x 2   = 20
















How you assign letter grades this test is a product of

ž  The country, culture and context of this English classroom,

ž  Institutional expectations (most of them unwritten)

ž  Explicit and  implicit definitions of grades that you have set forth

ž  The relationship you have established with this class, and

ž  Student expectations that have been engendered in previous tests and quizzes in this class

Giving Feedback

Classroom test – insider the multitude of options.You might choose to return the test to the student with one of or a combination of, any of the possibilities below.

ž  A letter grade

ž  A Total Score

ž  Four Sub scores

ž  For the listening and reading sections

a. An individuate of correct/incorrect responses
b. Marginal comments

ž  For the oral interview

a. Scores for each element being rated                   
b. A checklist of areas needing work
c. Oral feedback after the interview
d. A post-interview conference to go over the results

ž  On the essay

 a. Scores for each element being rated
 b. A checklist of areas needing work
 c. Marginal and end-of-essay comments, suggestions
d. A post-test conference to go over work
e. A self-assessment

ž  On all or selected parts of the test, peer checking of results

ž  A whole-class discussion of result of the test

ž  Individual conferences with each student to review the whole test



Assessment (assessment) is the application of a variety of ways and use various assessment tools to obtain information about the extent to which student learning outcomes or the achievement of competence (the ability of the circuit) learners.Feedback given in response to student performance. Student performance is the ability of students to be able to demonstrate mastery of learning objectives.




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