We have briefly the nature of Western civilization and the Islamic ideology of the policy picture. The only conclusion we can take is that the materialistic view of Western civilization-hedonistis inconsistent with Islamic spiritual sight.

However, it can be noted here that Islam was not sighted or backward. in fact, it is ready to cooperate in all things good, and it continued to develop in all the natural and form healthy. Regarding the foregoing, the law of the Qur’an is as follows: “Cooperate in righteousness and piety (of all people)”, and on the hereinafter mentioned the Prophet Muhammad. Said: “All wisdom (knowledge) is owned by the lost of those who believe. It should collect anywhere to find it”.

The only wisdom (knowledge) that can be given by the West to us is performance on the field of technology. Islam does not place an obstacle in the street to gain wisdom (knowledge) is for Muslim. However, Western Culture lust is a very strong poison poisonous in all its aspects. Take-transpose means will not be less than the destruction of Islam. Futhermore, Islam aims at a culture that contain themselves and sustain civilization itself, and thus impossible to acquire one essentially replaces or ambition and foreign norms.

Awareness humans manifest themselves in five different form, namely: Empirical or bodily Consciousness, Consciousness Theoretical or Rational, Moral Consciousness, awareness of aesthetics and Spiritual awareness. As a result, one’s personality has five distinct areas, namely: Physical, mental, moral, aesthetic and spiritual. Ideological differences and human civilization has always sourced the difference of emphasis on one of these values.

This is the truth should be created solely by the Muslim world before its too late, and manifestation of this truth, in turn would mean a radical breakthrough in to the chaos of today, a trip back to the social philosophy of Islam and an education system that guarantees the creation of private-private Islamic Intelligence every possibility among Muslim.

Basic picture of the very first Islamic Ideology is that it saw the spiritual value, in the sense of the value of rational spirituality, as the most basic value. The function of these values, the system of Islamic values, is as the foundation and also the life blood of all the values. Spiritual values should serve as a force that includes everything, as well as members of an institutional structure of pentagonal.

Islam teaches that faith is the mother of all action-that life moves from the inside out. Faith is the “root” of the growing “tree” with various branches of human endeavor-morality, politics, economi, and etc. The lives of those who embrace Islam has been changed in a revolutionary by the hand of the prophet.



 Basic picture of the ideology of Islam is that it does not just teoristis. The prophet Muhammad saw, not limiting to only preach and outlines the rules behavior, but also implement the things taught in practice. While teaching covers every aspect of human life. Thus Islam does not only provide a complete theory of belief and human behavior, but also the perfect pattern. Picture of the ideology of Islam is also unique in human history has ever known.

Another picture of the ideology of Islam is modesty and alliance with the reason. Islamic creed statement “Laa ilaaha illallah, Muhammaddur rasullullah” is the most simple creed. While the alliance with reason, that is not only demanding blind belief (dogmatic) on the basis, “belief in Him, and thou shall be saved”. Search science in Islam must be done in a spiritual perspective, not to increase the materialism and atheism as happened in the West.




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