Asmaul Husna (Writing)

Holiday in the beach
    Last month I went to the beach with my family. We went there by motorcycle. I see many people spent the time of holiday in the beach. There we can see the beautiful view and enjoyed our holiday. The last holiday was very interesting for me, because I can gather with my family. In the beach our mind will be fresh, because beach is the beautiful place.
    Beach is a favourit place for us to holiday. We can see a big swell in the beach . We also can see the white sand. And the big wave that make me happy. I can see the creator of God which good so we can make our mind fresh holiday if we holiday. I see the children also like go to the beach, because they can swim in there.  
    There are some people go to the beach to refresh their main problem, because the beach is not the place to solve the problem. The beach is only to enjoy the holiday with family and friends in order to make our mind fresh. In daily activities we feel fired, maybe if we relax with friend we can free tired. Going to the beach can make our main at the women fresh, we can forget our problem.
    The beautiful view in the beach can make us enjoy our life and it can give us new positive energy. The beach is am plece for me. I like the beach because it is so clean and fresh. I felt so happy when I was on beach, I could enjoy the sunset, the sunset make the water become red at twilight come. When I went to the beach, I met my old friend. She told me about her problem. I was sad heard her problem, but I cannot do anything to solve her problem. I hope her problem will be finish.
 Beach is the beautiful place to holiday. We can go there with our family or friends. Beach can make our mind fresh.  In the beach is a beautiful place for holiday. We can see the big swell in there. I see the white sand and the big wave that make me happy. But all people go to the beach to lose their problem. Because in the beach is not the place to solve the problem. Beach can make us realize that how beautiful the creation of God is . If I have a long time, I will go there in the next time.

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