Asmaul Husna (Live)

Writing (V/4)
Life in the world is not everlasting. Something we had today maybe lost in the future. Life would be beautiful if we thanked God for all of we have. Life gave us knowledge to teach of the next generation. We could do something what we like, but we have to know what we do is true. In life we would experience the development or grown, the challenge, and dead.
Everybody grow up from child until old and life in environment each other. When we child we spent the time only for fun. After adult we would spend our time for something which important. Such as go to school, study, sport, etc. The development of our mind is in a row with grown up of physical. We have to protect our mind and physical from negative influence in order to our life is good. If grown up of our mind and physical is good, we will be balance in life. To make our mind fresh we can travel or go to the beautiful place when holiday, like go to the beach. I think beach is a beautiful place to holiday. We can look the sun rise in the morning, it was very beautiful. To breathe the pure air can make our mind fresh and gave positive energy to be facing the life in the future.
The challenge in life is a force to be up against in the future. Start from child until now the challenge was difference. If we facing challenge, so we will be strong in the future. Start prayed with all our heart and facing all the challenge. Challenge in life must be past to reach a single purpose in this life; it is the meaning of life. The beautiful life is enjoy the days in our life, althought we have many problem. Today is own so do something which we want, tomorrow we have not certain life yet.  
Everything is life will be death, so prepare something in our life for life after dead. A good life is when we can follow the teaching from the Al-Qur’an and Hadits. In the Al-Qur’an teach the entire life requirement. Al-Qur’an also teach us how to good life in the world and life after dead. If we following the Al-Qur’an and Hadits, I think we will be happy in the world and life after dead. Because Al-Qur’an is guidance from god, the Al-Qur’an and Hadist also the source of Islam. Al-Qur’an is the word from God, whereas the Hadist is the prophet’s tradition. We will be success if we following the Al-Qur’an and Hadist, because those are guidance for us. A Muslim has to say is ‘There is no God but Allah’ and believe it.
If we want to life was very happy in the world and life after dead, we have to follow the Al-Qur’an and Hadits. Life in the world is only once, thank to God and obey Him. Do something was important in our life in order to significant life. I think all of us had a good or bad experience. We can study from that to a foothold in life. We do not ignore the time of our life, because the time is like sword blade and challenge in life must be past to reach a single purpose in this life; it is the meaning of life.  

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