Asmaul Husna (Happy Holiday)

Happy Holiday
    Three months ago I went to my uncle’s house in Lhoksukon, I went with my friend. I never forget that holiday, because we went there by motorcycle. After arrive in my uncle’s house, we take a nap. We spent three hours to get there. We were very tired, but we were very happy. I never drive a motorcycle so far at last, this is the first experience for me. My uncle was surprise when he knows we went there by motorcycle. In the next day we went to the sea and my uncle’s garden at the last day in there.   
    I think beach is a beautiful place to holiday. The sea was not so far from my uncle’s house, so we went there in the morning. We look the sun rise, it was very beautiful. To breathe the pure air can make our mind fresh and gave positive energy. The water was clear; I spent the times to play by water. The big wave added its beauty, and I realize the perfect creator of God. The white sand make the sea look perfect as the place who like very much by the peoples. If I have a long time in the next day, I want to come back here and enjoyed the beautiful view.
    In the last day in there, my uncle invites my friend and me to go to his garden. There is many fresh fruit and I pick some fruit to eat together. The leafy trees around the garden look the pure nature. My uncle teaches us how to plant the trees.  He teaches us from the first plant, takes care of trees, gave manure; pour the water until we can harvest the fruit. I think stayed in here is very nice, because can saw the beautiful view and ate the fresh fruit every day, and we will be healthy with the pure nature. If I can, I want stayed here forever.
    This is a good experience for me. I hope I will do that in the next time. Going to the sea and garden is very interesting. We can spend our holiday in the beach and garden. Enjoyed the beautiful view in the beach and ate the fresh fruit in the garden. After coming back to my house, I felt have a new positive energy to face in the future.

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