Asmaul Husna (about me)

About Me
    Everybody have a story in life about their self. In this writing I want to tell about myself. I think my friend knows me, but they did not know about me fully. Now, I want to tell about myself and my family fully.
    My name is Asmaul Husna, I am 20 years old. I was born in Lhoksukon, North Aceh. After finished elementary school I move to Langsa. Now, I live in Langsa with my family. Exactly, in Sungai Pauh, Kuala Langsa St. I am a student in STAIN Zawiyah Cot Kala Langsa, in five semesters. I come from SMAN 4 Langsa. I like saw the bright sky, so I like the blue color. From child I want to be a teacher like my father. I also teach my nephew at the night if they have homework. I love swimming, although I can’t do it. I have many nephew, every day I play with their. Something make me happy is when I can play and laugh with them. In my life I want to finish my school quickly and make my parents happy in their old age. When I was in elementary school I ever live only with my father. At that time my sister sick in Langsa, so my mom have to kept my sister.
    I have a large families, I have three brothers and two sisters. My father is a retired and my mother is a house wife. My parents are the most important in my life. My mother is a beautiful woman for me, she always with me. She can be a friend to me and she gives me all of her attention. My father is a responsible man. They are always caring with me and all of my brothers and sisters. If I got married in the future, I want to like my mom and be a good wife and good mom to my children.   
    In summaries, that is about me which can know by the reader. I think enough to know myself and my family. Hopeful, the reader can know me, the activity of me and my family.

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