About Me (Widya Nanda)

                                                                About me

Knowing someone is an enjoyable thing. Because every people’s personality that is difference. Although samethe family, clan and nation but personality can not the same. The people’s personality and background formed by ourselves. Same with me, I have a difference personality and background live with other people.

My full name is Widya Nanda. My friends always call me “Nanda”. I also like name nanda then Widya. I live in pb. Tunong, Langsa. I was born in Langsa on November 8, 1991. This time, I am 20 years old. I came from a great family. I have two brothers and two sisters. My father already long time not live with us again. My mother’s job as a house wife and I did not know what my father’s job now.

This time, I am a student in STAIN Zawiyah Cotkala Langsa. Before study in STAIN, I ever study in SDN 4, SMPN 2 and SMAN 1 in Langsa. Schooldays is an unforgettable thing for me because at that time is an enjoyable thing. It’s very difference when I became a great student. Although in the college my academic achievement is not good and not bad but I want to be a success person in the future. I want to be a useful person for my mother. I want my mother to be proud with me because my mother is an important person in my live. My mother is the spirit on my footstep.

And then my hobby is listening to music. For me, music can make my live is full color. When I am sad, happy or whatever, music always accompanied me to wade live. Usually, I like listen to music such as pop, rock and sometimesdangdut, although many people said “Dangdut is flashy” but dangdut easy to listen. Forme, music is my live. Without music, live is tasteless.

This is all about me, about my live. Maybe I am not a good and smart person but I have a dream is I want to be a good and success person. I hope I can achieve my dream in the future.

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