When you read this chapter, I am sure you think exactly about the film acted by Jackie Chan. However, I am not going to tell you about the film here. I just adopted the chapter to write about my personality. “Who am I” is a matching topic I think to describe my personality life, because the answers of that chapter are all about me. There are some answers from different aspects for this question, which I would like to write. Firstly is from aspect of family and myself. Secondly is from my experience. The last is from my ambition.

My name is Armayani Idrus. I was born in Banda Aceh on October 13, 1990. I have one brother and one sister. We live quietly. I spent my life in Banda Aceh for about 12 years and then moved to Blangkejeren, Gayo Lues. In 2003, I moved to Langsa and until now, I still live in Langsa, precisely at Sidorejo. My prior school is in Medan at Ar-raudhatul Hasanah Islamic boarding school. I spent 6 years there, junior and senior high school. Now, I am studying in State of Islamic College Zawiyah Cot Kala Langsa. Talking about lecture, I never thought that I would study in Langsa. After graduating senior high school, I followed some university testing, Gajah Mada university, University of North Sumatra and State University of Medan. Unluckily, I did not pass the test. Without thinking for along, I chose STAIN ZCK Langsa. However, I enjoyed myself studying there. Time passed away and I felt like a dream that I am at fifth semester now. Hopefully, I can finish my studying after a year later.

I wish you know the proverb “Experience is the best teacher”. I like to learn thing from the experience. There are so many experiences that I had taken the lesson from it. One of them is my experience when I was studying in Islamic boarding school (Pesantren). There, I learned and studied many things. Living there made me understand the meaning of life. Life is simple, we just breathe, eat, drink, study, work, worship, rest, etc. for life. But, the important one is how can we make that simple thing become amazing and useful in our life. As the proverb said, “A fruitless life is useless life”.

“A man without ambition is like a bird without wing”. As the same as bird who has no wing, people without ambition is also cannot fly anywhere. He has not purpose in life and does not know where he will bring his life. It is very sad if we do not know where our life to bring. Actually, when someone asks me about my ambition, I will exactly silent and do not know to answer. However, when I have realized about myself later and what I will be later, I got the answer of it. Something that I really want to reach is studying abroad, but I do not know what I can do for it. I think, I only dream for it. I am not sure I able to reach it. I hope that my dream will become true. “Dream the impossible to reach the stars”. I will try with all my ability to reach my ambition.

To conclude, the answers of my chapter, “who am I?” are all what I have described above. You can conclude who I am from my statement above. I hope, by reading this writing, you will know me so well and support me to reach my ambition, because a friend in needs is a friend indeed.

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